Sophie Nitoslawski


Urban Forestry and Arboriculture 
Biodiversity Management
Municipal Sustainability
Smart Cities 
Science Communication

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Sophie Nitoslawski

Sophie has always been fascinated by the multi-faceted relationships between people and nature in urban settings, and aspires to live in a world where green infrastructure is given equal value to the grey. She believes that cities have much to learn from natural ecosystems, and is excited by the potential for technology to enhance green benefits and drive citizen engagement in green space planning. 

Sophie holds degrees in environmental studies from McGill University (BA&Sc) and Dalhousie University (MES), specializing in urban forestry and biodiversity management. She has experience working in the public sector as a municipal forester, and in municipal advocacy and engagement for sustainable development with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. 

Sophie is currently a PhD student and Green College Sustainable Development Fellow at the University of British Columbia, funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. She focuses on intersections between green infrastructure management, emerging digital technologies, and smart city planning.