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Co-Founder & CEO

Nadinè Galle

As CEO, Nadinè oversees the overall company strategy and technology direction at Green City Watch, keeping it pointed at the most interesting problems in ‘renaturing’ cities. 

Nadinè is known for her work on ‘circular cites’ at Metabolic, where she mapped urban metabolisms, developed circular economy interventions, and defined ‘what cities can learn from human bodies’, prior to Green City Watch. Nadinè has a rich history of building teams and communities at the intersection of cities, ecology, technology and innovation. In 2017, she founded the world’s first intensive summer course on ‘circular cities’ at her alma mater, the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and still serves as its Academic Director. Nadinè went on to conceptualize the #InternetofNature, which was first described in her TEDx talk, and co-develop #UrbanNatureAmsterdam, the very first green and blue map of the Dutch capital. In the past three years, she has appeared on several jury-selected shortlists of sustainability pioneers, was nominated for the UvA Alumni Award, and was chosen as a top digital talent under 26 by The Next Web.

Nadinè is pursuing her PhD in Ecological Engineering, at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, and holds degrees in ecology and evolutionary biology (BSc) from the University of Toronto, with a minor in environmental biology from the National University of Singapore, and in earth sciences (MSc) from the UvA, with research internships on agroforestry nutrient cycling at Wageningen University and the University of Hawassa (Ethiopia). In September 2019, as a Fulbright Scholar, Nadinè will pursue a six-month research fellowship at MIT’s Senseable City Lab, where she’ll test novel technological approaches to track tree-mycorrhizal associations underneath urban forests.