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It is impossible to map a true ‘roadmap’ to urban nature improvement without first understanding where you are. For our #UrbanGreenprints, we deploy our award-winning Green City Watch Index to share a compelling story that resonates with technical and non-technical audiences. You receive a detailed scorecard for the ecological, social and economic performance of your urban green spaces.


Real-Time Monitoring

Proactively respond to changing urban ecosystems. View urban nature data in one place for the first time. For real-time monitoring, we deploy our award-winning Index several times a year to track intervention impact, ecological change, and so much more. You receive intuitive visuals that engage and convince stakeholders to shape your green vision, together.


Customized Development

Complex problems need customised support. Parks are public spaces and should be designed to prioritize people, safety and nature. Green City Watch attacks urban green space management problems head-on. Using the latest developments in satellite imagery, AI and computer vision, we analyze park-specific data, sketch out concepts, and reduce turnaround time to get ideas implemented.


What we do

Our Practice

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“Integrating a framework for urban greenness with high-resolution satellite imagery is incredibly innovative.”

— Jury commentary on Green City Watch, first prize winners for the GBDX for Sustainability Challenge

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