Chris van Diemen


Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Science
Back-end Development

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Chris van Diemen

As Chief Data Officer, Chris is responsible for advancing Green City Watch’s data science and analytics culture and monetizing the company's vast data assets, in support of the company strategy. He translates our proprietary KPIs into machine learning algorithms to assess the quality of urban green space.

Chris is experienced in building cloud service-oriented architecture, web API’s and data processing pipelines. Previously Chris worked as a data scientist at Xomnia, a leading big data firm in the Netherlands.

Chris is a data optimist who cares deeply about using data, data science and machine learning to drive positive sustainable change. Chris holds degrees in Future Planet Studies (BSc) and geoecological dynamics (MSc) from the University of Amsterdam, with research in numerical dispersal modelling at the University of Auckland and a specialisation in arctic geology at University Centre in Svalbard.